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Having moved to San DIego from the UK in 2008, a wife and a mother of 3 – by the time Lindsay hit April 2013 – she had moved 5 times in 7 years – she was finished!!

She was complaining to her friend about the money she had just spent on packing materials and wasn’t even half way done – and her friend suggested she look on line for renting out moving boxes. Who had ever heard of such a thing?

So she found a guy, working out of Temecula, who delivered these wonderous boxes and promptly called him to place her box order. He told her that he was moving in a different direction so she said to him, ‘deliver the boxes and I will buy your company’.

And that was how A-SMART-MOVE was born!!

A SMART MOVE is happy to celebrate its third year in business, seeing year on year growth. Owner Lindsay Curtis is happy to see the trend catching on. People are new to the idea of the rentable, reusable plastic moving totes as an alternative to cardboard moving boxes. “We contribute our increase of sales to word of mouth”, says Lindsay Curtis. People love the concept and ease of our product. No more time wasted building cardboard boxes or breaking them down after your move is complete.

“We strongly believe that renting moving totes will become the new norm in the future. A SMART MOVE is all about making moving easier, therefore we try our best to offer flexible schedules for our customers”, adds Lindsay.

The uniformly sized, stackable boxes also make a more efficient and stable load for a truck or on a trailer than a collection of odd sized cardboard boxes, thus saving you money with moving companies. A SMART MOVE sanitizes each box after every use so that they are clean and in perfect condition for the next customer.

A SMART MOVE is a small business servicing the San Diego areas. Operated by Lindsay Curtis, A SMART MOVE fulfilled her dream of running her own business while providing an environmentally friendly service to the community. Since beginning operation, A SMART MOVE has developed a reputation for outstanding customer service based on an ecologically responsible business service.

A SMART MOVE service is available in the San Diego area and ordering boxes is a simple matter of contacting A SMART MOVE on 858-790-8394 or via A-SMART-MOVE.COM to arrange home delivery and retrieval from the new location.

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