Here are some testimonials from members of the Bay Club, nominating Me;issa C for the Women’s Advocate of the Year Award in 2015.

  • “Melissa Cizauskas epitomizes what it means to ‘lead by example’.  Her tenacity, energy, and warmth is contagious and she is a joy to be around.  She brings out the best in everyone she meets.  In such a short time, our Womens Entrepreneur’s Networking Group has gone from its inception, where many of our group have met, to a tightly bond and group of women who support one another in countless ways.  Whether personal or professional, we are there for one another.  Melissa has given us this gift and I couldn’t think of another person who so well exemplifies the special award for Women’s Advocate of the Year.”

    Lisa Perlmutter

    “I definitely think that Melissa Cizauskas is the perfect candidate for the Women’s Advocate of the Year Award. Melissa has tirelessly worked to create and oversee our women’s networking group, believing in the power and synergy the group creates when we all come together. Melissa’s vision has come to life and created a wonderful place for fabulous and successful women to share, help and support one another in not only business but all aspects of daily life. Melissa has facilitated this incredible endeavor, motivating and inspiring all of us by simply being the awesome, passionate and sincere woman that she is. We are all lucky to know her and be a part of her dream, one that empowers women and believes we can do anything!”

    Kristi Neal
    Title 365 Sales Executive

    “Melissa Cizauskas’ vision for a women’s networking group has come to fruition in a very short period of time.  The results have exceeded our expectations (and hers)!”

    Laurie Itkin
    Founder The Options Lady, Financial Advisor
    Coastwise Capital Group
    Author “Every Woman Should Know Her Options”

    “Melissa’s enthusiasm for life and for encouraging women to be ALL they can has truly amazed me.  While she is a mother, wife and entrepreneur with an amazingly full schedule, she always has time to love and support anyone in need.  She always has a smile on her face and is goal and solution oriented.

    “Over the past year, she founded Women’s Entrepreneurs Network, which Has connected me to the most dynamic, intelligent and successful women, where we share resources and business referrals for continued growth within our companies.

    My life has been enriched beyond measure due to Melissa.”

    Cathy Geddes

    “Melissa, while at the top of her own game as a residential real estate expert, is passionate about supporting other women. She is the most enthusiastic, supportive and encouraging woman I have met since moving to California.  She has made a real effort to understand what I do as a Family Business Consultant and Psychologist and goes out of her way to find opportunities for me. And I have seen her do this over and over again for all the women in the Women’s Entrepreneurs Group she started at the Bay Club over a year ago. I can’t think of anyone more deserving of this award.”

    Dr Kay Vogt
    Real Talk Company

    “I would like to nominate Melissa Cizauskas for her leadership and contribution in forming the Women’s Entrepreneurs networking group.  This group, led by Melissa, has become such a great resource for me, and I think all it’s members.   I am thankful to have been invited to join the group approximately one year ago.  I’ve made strong personal and professional connections to a group of women in such as short time, and I believe it’s because Melissa’s warm and generous personality and genuine caring about the members and our success set the tone for the group as a whole.  Melissa is great about selflessly facilitating connections and strategic alliances within the group and without.  She is an effective meeting organizer, and has brought in excellent, informative speakers to share their expertise on valuable subjects for entrepreneurs, and for women in general.   When a magazine featuring our group also included a feature of a competitor for my business, she went to bat for me to find a fair resolution even though it didn’t impact her business at all.  She personally has attended numerous special events for my business and has even volunteered as a model for my demonstrations.  Although she seems always cheerful and bubbly, I’m very impressed at how to get business done for our group!  She is a mom, wife, active in her church and various local philanthropies, and busy with her own career as a successful real estate agent, so her time commitment to facilitate this group is significant.  I personally have greatly benefited from her extraordinary energy and focus and support!  Melissa is a “yes” to life!   She’s a great woman and I aspire to be like her.”

    Mary Anne Fuchs, MD, FACEP

  • “I believe that Melissa Cizauskas should be nominated for Women’s Advocate of the Year Award.  Melissa has truly demonstrated the need for successful women, and the power of a woman’s capability and ability in today’s world. Melissa leads a prominent group of ladies and has put together a powerful group who have worked hard to create a successful and dynamic network within Southern California .

    Melissa works tirelessly round the clock, giving not only herself, but giving to her profession and the success of all the women in her group.  She promotes all of us through various media including magazines , TV and radio.  She is selfless and hard working in all that she does.  She finds time to be a dedicated wife, mother, realtor and a fearless leader to the women’s networking group, now called WIN. She is loving, compassionate, hard working,  and has a sense of humility, dignity, and love for all who come her way.  Please consider Melissa as a strong nominee for Women’s Advocate of the Year Award.”

    Adrienne Blumberg, MA MFT
    Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist MFC#52150

    “Melissa Cizauskas is a deserving recipient of the Woman’s Advocate of The Year Award.  She has been a leader in the San Diego Real Estate Industry, but more importantly, has reached out to women in all different industries to offer her amazing support and mentoring skills.  She is the energetic organizer of our Women of Influence group and plans all our meetings, speakers and activities, while inspiring all of us to be our best selves on our way to being successful women.  She leads with enthusiasm, support, love and encouragement and goes above and beyond in all she does.  She is most definitely an advocate for women!”

    Victoria Bennett
    Personalized Guidance for College Admissions Success

    “Firstly, I miss you all but feel like little time has really passed since we were last together. Thank God for technology and the ability to stay dialed in! Our group of such extraordinary women (heart, soul and talent) is more to me a God given connection of kindred sisterhood, having found our way to each other for the purpose of lifting each other up to our highest selves…through friendship, camaraderie, networking and good ol’ hoooooorahs for each other. There’s nothing more empowering than women supporting women, and we are doing it in spades. I’m beyond grateful to be a part of this group no matter where I am. Thank you!!

    “I also know that Melissa has been the “magnet”, the “driving force”, our “ultimate leader” in making so many fabulous things happen for each of us and collectively as a group. The Energizer Bunny has nothing on her, and I’ve stopped trying to figure out how she does it all…but I think we each would agree that she has been a loving inspiration to all of us.

    “Therefore, I can’t think of anyone more deserving of the Women’s Advocate of the Year Award, and I’d like to nominate her. I would be grateful if you each would send me a testimonial about Melissa and why you think she should receive this award. There are so many incredible women in our group doing amazing things and worthy of outstanding honors, but I believe all of us would agree that our LEADER MELISSA has continued to inspire our ascent to greatness. Please help me show her our appreciation with your testimonials and help her get the acknowledgment she deserves. Our support will help her further her own career!!

    “Recognizes a woman who has shown by deed, actions and accomplishment the advocacy of other businesswomen, or a woman with a track record of success and accomplishments by mentoring other women in their profession, industry or enterprise.
    I can say personally that Melissa has done so much for me and my spirit. I ran into my share of walls in life while trying to acknowledge and accept my own God given talents. She continued to encourage me forward.

    “For those of you who are unaware…today I’m living currently in Westlake Village…renovating a warehouse into an unbelievably cool studio and loft apartment. I had the good fortune of building the rock work for the jacuzzi on a complete pool renovation for the Public Works Director for the City of Calabasas. I made an extraordinary connection. As a result I’ve been given 3 new entrances to the City of Calabasas to build as well as a new park in which over a million dollars has been raised.

    “However my current undertaking and one of which I’m extremely delighted is I was sought out to be the lead for Universal Studios on creating all of the snow atop the castle of the new Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Hollywood. I was asked to be a lead about 4 months ago, and didn’t accept the position because I was too busy. But they called me again and said they really “needed” me. I couldn’t turn that down. What an honor it is to be so highly regarded in my industry, and on such a level. I work directly with the Art Director for Warner Brothers who owns the Intellectual Property and the Art Director for Universal who owns the Physical Property. My job is to give them the aesthetic result they desire (and as they are being directed by their own superiors)…which translates to running large crews of ALL men who are plasterers and masons as we concrete and sculpt the snow to perfection. There are many requirements and chefs in the corporate kitchen, and I’ve managed to appease them all. I’m thrilled! The peaks of the castle are 45′ high so I’m climbing scaffolding up and down all day long. No need for the gym! I work hands on side by side with the men and am receiving nothing but kind respect. I’m sharing this with you because I wouldn’t be here without you all. Truly…you have inspired me with your ongoing accomplishments to become the best me I can be. I experience peace and resolve in all that I do just knowing I have such a strong and amazing group of women behind me.

    “And it wouldn’t have happened without our Fearless Leader Melissa!!! Let’s get her that award!! Please send me your testimonials asap. It will be the easiest thing you’ve ever written!!”

    JoAnn Dutton