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JoAnn is a broad spectrum artist…historically specializing in the construction/fabrication of habitats for life in captivity. This translates to having built museum quality simulated rock, trees, vines and other organic features indigenous to a specific species’ environment in a zoological setting. After nearly 20 years in the industry, her work can be seen in zoos, natural history museums, aquariums and amusement parks all over the country including the Mirabilandia in Ravenna, Italy …

She was recently a Scenic Lead with Universal Studios in the construction of the new Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Hollywood, opening in 2016, working with her support team to create all of the snow atop the castle. Currently she is doing commissioned work in the private sector as well as some creative projects for the City of Calabasas.

JoAnn is a designer, painter and sculptor with an affinity for large scale undertakings. Her eye for design, knowledge and experience with construction and meticulous ability to orchestrate a piece from conception to completion have made her a desirable artist for many a satisfied client.

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