Bay Club Women’s Network

I believe in Karma… Optimism… and the Law of Attraction. What we think about most we manifest into reality. Choose good thoughts. I am a total morning person and love the possibility it holds… the day is what you make it. My dream is to raise my family boating, traveling, and cooking amazing dinners at home sipping wine. I’m loyal to a fault. I’d leap through hoops of fire for my loved ones. I’m oddly poised under pressure. I articulate poignantly in arguments or stressful situations. Frustration can get the best of my emotions because my intentions are always pure. Time will prove it. You won’t impress me with your car or watch… I’m deeper than that. You’ll impress me with your loyalty, thoughtfulness, and consistency. My heart is warm, and I forgive quickly. I like to hug-it-out. I prefer to give people the benefit of the doubt. I have learned that by looking for the best in others, you’ll find the best in yourself along the way. I can laugh at myself. I enjoy being the bigger person. Grudges are wasted energy… understand the power of choice, It’s how you’ll view your world. Adjust your thought patterns and become aware of how greatly they reflect upon your moods. I’m a hopeless romantic… Lyrics in a song can strike my heart and make me tear up on a sunny day. I feel life is more beautiful and rhythmic from a romantic’s perspective. I am a dreamer and a free spirit… a bit of a butterfly. Good luck. I have to remind myself to live in the present. Today is all we can count on… So smile, love, enjoy, and rock forward

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